My Projects



ReDuplicator MK3x - 3d Printer

Wanhao i3 complete overhaul

Redgum Entertainment Unit

TV unit made of reclaimed Redgum

Low Poly Planter

A low polygon planter for succulents

Modern Coffee Table

Made from reclaimed Red gum

Converging LED Floor Lamp

For Ikea SPANST lamps

Switch Dock Game Holder

7 Card Game Dock

Dining Table

Red Ironbark dining table

MK52 Heatbed Expansion

Upgrade for ReDuplicator MK3x

Modern Desk

Red Ironbark Desk

Hemera Hotend Upgrade

For Reduplicator MK3x

Wanaho Lack Triple Stack

3d Printer enclosure

Open Alpha 3.5mm Headphones

MrSpeaers open alpha mod

Acacia Mini Planters

Herb planter boxes

Ironbark outdoor Chairs

Improved ikea Tarno chairs

Sonoff Dual USB

smart switch

Denon Headband Mod

Baffle for Hifiman headband

Cherry Popper tool

Cherry MX keyboard switch opening tool.

Lego Saturn V Stand

Additional stands

Quad Braided Headphone Cables

Mogami and paracord

Ironbark Speaker Stands

Angled Speaker Stand

Custom K65 RGB Keyboard

Cherry Brown Mod

HiFiman He-500 Mod

Headband, dampening and pads mod

Audio Technica ES10 Mod

Over ear pad mod

Custom Drevo Calibre

Gateron Brown Switches

Low Poly Hook

stylish stealthy wall hook

3D Moon Lamp

Meranti stand and lunar lander

E3D Titan Aero Upgrade

For Reduplicator MK3x

ECC88 Quad Vacuum Tube holder

Fits ECC88 6DJ8 6922 6BZ7

Scotch headphone Stand

Turn any alco bottle into a stand.

Earbuddy headphone Case

Wrap around case

Wanhao 24v Gen-L TMC2130

Wahnao i3 controller upgrade

Wanhao Straight Braces

Increases i3 Regidity

Media Server Website

Web service consolidation website

Download Tracking Widgets

Desktop widgets tracking data downloads

personal website powered by hugo

Hugo-Gurl - Hugo GUI tool

GUI tool to maintain and build hugo websites.

Shadow Space unity game

In development C# Unity game


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