Tasmanian Oak Test Tube Spice Rack

A test tube spice rack made from Tasmanian oak. Holds 18 different spices in 25x150mm test tubes

Made from a length of 65x19mm Tasmanian oak DAR 65x12mm Tasmanian oak DAR

The vertical portions are made up of the 19mm oak. A band saw is used to make the joint. The top horizontal portion is made of the 19mm oak. 27mm holes are spaced out in 40mm increments. Use a drill press for the most accurate results. The bottom horizontal mean is a sandwich of two 12mm lengths. The topmost length has matching hole spacings.

Once fit and finish looks good, glue the pieces together. Use a sander to round the corners.

Repeat with taller vertical lengths for the rear rack.

Add three layers of Danish oil over 3 days to complete the finish.

Add the test tubes and corks. Ensure everything aligns correctly.

Enjoy your new spice rack

Mark Riganti
Tinkerer, Maker and Coder

My Interests include Coding, 3d modelling, Cad design, Woodworking, Heaphones and electronics.