Wanaho Lack Triple Stack 3D Printer Enclosure

A collection of enhanced parts and mods to make the perfect Wanhao i3 / Maker Select / Cocoon Create enclosure.

This enclosure has the following features:

  • Removable Top: Easily lift and remove the top of the enclosure for easy access and maintenance of the printer. The legs are lifted 60mm to ensure there is plenty of room inside. Total internal volume is 510x510x450mm.
  • Deployable Control Box: The underslung control box can slide out when needed or slid back in to save space.
  • Filament Guide: Contains a chamber for sponge to clean filament as it feeds through. Also contains a PTFE guide to feed filament directly into the extruder. This prevents striations as the filament is fed through smoother.
  • Optimized for silence: Use of EVA foam, sorbothane, rubber feet and butyl flashing to reduce vibrations and decouple the printer.
  • ToolHolder: Neatly holds the essentials such as the 5 stock allen keys, scrapper, needle nose pliers, thickness gauge tool and a screwdriver.
  • Inset Hinge: Inset door and hinge set 20mm from the edge.
  • Triple Stack Lack


Downloadable on thingiverse


Tool holder for allen keys, exacto knife, pliers, scraper, thickness quage

Printed rotational hinge

Perspex corner mounts

PTFE feed and filament cleaner

Sliding Control box mechanism

Cable rounting

Removable top

Mark Riganti
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