Converging LED Floor Lamp

After spending months unsuccessfully trying to find the perfect floor lamp, I decided to make one myself. This design makes use of two Ikea SPANST LED light bars.

The Two light bars overlap in a visually appealing fashion and is the perfect brightness at night. The 3d Printed mounts fit directly into a finished wooden base. I used Australian Red Ironbark coated in danish oil. eSun Silk Brass is a perfect filament to complement the dark red grain of the wood.

Bill Of Materials:

  • 2 Ikea SPANST LED light bars. 134cm versions.
  • 8 Countersunk Screws. 4g 15-18mm
  • Wood for a base
  • 25mm Boring Drill bit
  • 2mm Drill bit for pilot holes if you are using a hardwood.


Choose any layout you feel looks good, but here are the measurements I used.

  • Base: 350mm x 190mm x 20mm
  • Holes for the mounts: 25mm Diameter
  • Length Distance Between Mount holes: 160mm (centre to centre)
  • Width Distance Between Mount holes: 34mm (centre to centre)
  • I Used 5 Degree Mounts. However 6 Degree mounts are also included in case you prefer additional overlap.

Power and Additional Details

The lights are powered via USB. See my Related Sonoff USB box project if you would like to be able to use this lamp with google Assistant / Alexa or use RF wall switches to turn it on from anywhere in your room.

I also quad braided the cables using paracord for a cleaner look.

This lamp pairs perfectly with my sonoff USB smart enclosure to power the lamp. It allows for google assistant / Alexa voice control and has the ability to turn the lamp on and off with paired 433 wall switches.


Downloadable on thingiverse

Mark Riganti
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