HiFiman He-500 Mods

The He500 are fantastic sounding headphones, but unfortunately have bad ergonomics due to their weight and look dated by todays standard. This pair of He-500’s has been vastly improved visually and audibly with the following:

  • Headband swap to the new Hybrid version.
  • Earcup swap to He5Se cups.
  • Felt Fussor mode to minimize treble reflections,
  • Sorbothane dampening of earcups
  • 3.5mm terminated instead of the finicky SMA connectors.
  • Replaced the restrictive grills with wider mesh and sheen fabric to open up soundstage.
  • Focus Pad A and Jergpad earpad improvements.
  • custom 3.5mm braided cable.
Mark Riganti
Tinkerer, Maker and Coder

My Interests include Coding, 3d modelling, Cad design, Woodworking, Heaphones and electronics.