Denon Headband Mod

The Denon DX000 and Fostex THX00 headphones series are amazing pieces of audio equipment. However the durability of the headband leaves a lot to be desired.

The flimsy hanger design puts the full torque of each earcup on a flimsy screw. I’ve had multiple hangers fail over the years. Parts for these headphones, especially the Denon’s are very hard to come by and are very expensive.

Instead of buying a new set of screws and hangers, These parts allow you to mount the earcups onto new baffles and mount them directly to a hifiman comfort heatband.

This headband is very comfortable and available at adorma in the US for 9.99USD or directly from the hifiman store at a higher price.

Despite replacing the stock magnesium baffles with plastic ones, sound quality is not adversely affected. Stock screws and fasteners are used to fix the earcups to the baffles. The Baffle simply clips into the HiFiman headband.


Downloadable on thingiverse

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