Ironbark outdoor Chairs

A project to upcycle Ikea Tarno chairs by removing the flimsy acacia panels and replace them with nicer red ironbark slats.

Cut the lengths to size, 6 are required per chair.

Sand and round all the corners.

Coat with 3 laters of danish oil, each spaced a day apart.

As these are semi outdoor chairs, apply 5-6 thick coats of Bondall gold spar marine varnish. This improves weather resistance.

The acacia panels are help on by 2 screws each. They will be reused for the ironbark. Space the slats 5mm apart . Drill pilot holes and secure using the existing holes in the frame.

New holes may need to be made in the frame for the 3rd slat. Use a powerdrill and metal drill bit.

Enjoy your new fancier chairs.

Mark Riganti
Tinkerer, Maker and Coder

My Interests include Coding, 3d modelling, Cad design, Woodworking, Heaphones and electronics.